I had a wonderful break from taking photos of new stock for the store the other day and quickly ducked out of the house to shoot this short animation with my friend, genevieve, for one of her uni assignments. It was so much fun and it's basically just me walking through the woods randomly dancing (quite terribly, mind you) to one of my favorites- florence and the machine. I think what i like the most about this video is that it's not at all perfect and defiantly not rehearsed (we shot it in just one take in about 20 minutes) and we kind of made it up as we went. It doesn't really make alot of sense but then again, alot of things we do don't really make any sense and i find it's more fun that way :) For something that was so rushed and unplanned, it actually turned out really well and i wouldn't want to change it, unless it included gen jumping up and down trying to pick an avocado for me from this giant avocado tree i never knew was down there! We plan on making some more stop motion films when we both can find the time but for now we can't stop laughing every time we watch this one. I hope you guys like it and all had a wonderful weekend!

There's a bigger version you can watch here, it just wouldn't fit on my blog :)


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