Gearing for Summer


Katherine Kwei Lulu, Vintage hat & Thrifted sunglasses

Ah! First "real" post as De Lune!
I literally just got back from leaving my dorm building in NYC and I'm temporarily back in Buffalo for the summer! It's nice to be home although I do feel super bewildered knowing my freshman year has come to a close!

So what we got here are my three favorite schoolboyish accessories for summer; the hat was an absolute steal from a local thrift store and I love wearing it ironically. My Katherine Kwei Lulu tote is one of those bags that I was a little apprehensive thinking about how to don at first since it's not normally what I go for, but lemme tall ya, I LOVE this bag! For such a small bag, it magically fits my SLR camera, flat wallet, a notebook, pens, lip balm, phone, business cards and some other trinkets with enough room to spare for a granny smith apple (Mmm anyone else just get hungry? No? Okay, moving on...)

btdubs, Katherine is KILLING IT these days with her new spring collection. I went to her spring preview and I was fondling every single bag like I was a mad woman. The new Pebble Donna is so gorgeous it kills me.

Sooo, outfit posts soon once I get my clothes unpacked!


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